Torrents – A Free Pass to Movies, Games, Software and Much More

Torrents – A Free Pass to Movies, Games, Software and Much More

If you’re an avid internet user, games, movies and serial lover or a cartoons fanatic, you’re probably familiar with torrents and how they work. For those of you who aren’t, well basically torrents allow you to download all the above mentioned files whether it may be an e-book, movie or a game for free, without any charge or registration whatsoever. However due to piracy issues, sites which allow you to download torrent data are usually hard to keep track of as they frequently get banned or open up with different server names. This article, gives you a fair certain idea how to download torrents and which are the best sites to download from!

How do Torrents Work?

First of all to load and download from a torrent file, you need to install a torrent client software the most commonly used of which are bitTorrent and uTorrent. Once you install this software, you have to download a small torrent file of the thing you want to download from any of the sites listed below. This file is basically a location that through the client software allows you to download the actual file you wish. This file is usually of a few MB’s and the speed of the download depends upon how many seeders or peers the file is. So in simple words, the more the seeders your file has, the faster the download.

Best Torrent Sites

There are many various torrent websites that you can choose to download your files from but here are the top 5;

1 – Kickass Torrents (

One of the most used torrents site, Kickass torrents beat the record of The Pirate Bay in 2015 and is currently the number 1 torrent website in the market. It has a huge database of torrents ranging from movies to games to music. Beside the torrent file itself, this site also provides you some necessary information like the number of seeders allowing you to make the best choice of download. It currently operates under the domain

2 – The Pirate Bay (

The Pirate Bay is probably one of the oldest torrent website that has faced many frequent bans as it may have one of the biggest torrent libraries. Being the 300th most viewed site on the world wide web, The Pirate Bay may be the perfect place for you to find a torrent if you can’t find it elsewhere. Proxies are also available if it is banned in your country.

3 – Extra Torrent (

One of the top torrent sites in the market, Extra torrent makes it into the top 5 due to its easy search options and wide resources. It currently has 258,831,525 total downloads and probably one of the most used torrent site.

4 – Torrentz (

This torrent site is somewhat unique among the others in this list as it does not give you the torrent file itself but directs to different sites hosting the torrent, hence giving you a few choices from which site to download from. So you can always count on it to provide you with one link or the other.

5 – RAHBG (

Even though this site has faced a drop in its traffic but it is still one of the most used torrent site out there and if you’re trying to avoid using a proxy, this may be your best option among the torrent sites.


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