What To Do Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

What To Do Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Before laser hair removal, there are several things you can do to not only make the entire process easier and more successful, but cut down the laser hair removal cost as well. By implementing some important tips and steps, you can shorten the number of hair removal sessions and that is always good if you are on a budget.

First of all, you should stay away from the sun and tanning for about six weeks before laser hair removal. The reason for this is that you want to ensure you have light skin and dark hair. If you tan, the results from the treatment will not be as successful as you expect and the duration will get longer. You should also stay away from any vegetables like carrots, which can cause your skin to turn a shade of orange.

Shaving is the only thing you are allowed to do with the hair before the treatment. You cannot wax or remove hair from the root six weeks or less before laser hair removal. Make sure you do shave as close as possible to the skin. This will allow the laser to target the most energy towards hair follicle and prevent the laser from wasting any energy on the skin, and that means there is less discomfort for you.

One of the most important things you can do before laser hair removal is to talk to your technician and doctor. There is some discomfort when you have the treatment, and you will want to limit the amount of discomfort you will feel. If you talk to the technician, he/she may be able to put on a Chill Tip, which is attached to the laser diode and cools down the spot where the laser hits immediately, which can also lower swelling. The technician and doctor will also be able to tell you if any medication you are taking will interfere with any mild pain medication you may want to take following the laser hair removal.

Before you go for your treatment, you should avoid using any oil or lotion. This can make it very hard for the laser to target and work properly. You want to keep your skin clear and dry. The more interference there is, the more difficulty you are going to have with the treatment. You want the treatment to be as successful as possible and by implementing these tips before laser hair removal, it could mean the difference between six sessions and eight sessions, or the difference between a few hundred dollars and over a thousand dollars in laser hair removal cost.

There are ways you can make things easier on yourself and the technician. By implementing these tips before laser hair removal, you will find your entire experience to be much more enjoyable.


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