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4 Tips on How to Make Hair Grow Faster

4 Tips on How to Make Hair Grow Faster

One of the questions I receive from my readers is ‘how to make hair grow faster’. But the reality is that most advertisements for miracle products we see on television, in magazines or on the internet, the hair will never grow beyond the two centimeters per month naturally.

What we can do is take care intensively to prevent abusing hair with commercial products and have to cut several inches of damaged hair. Here I offer you three simple ways to hair care. I assure if you follow each of these recommendations, you will have a healthy and very bright growth of hair.

Manage Your Diet

Like your skin, your hair also reflects what you eat. You should consume omega 3 of salmon or tuna to add shine to the hair. In addition, you need to strengthen your hair so that it is not split and that we consume to manage it is iron from red meat, beans and green vegetables like watercress and spinach.

You should also consume vitamins A and B, which decreases hair loss. If you have noticed that you suffer from hair loss, you must increase the intake of foods rich in vitamin B such as whole grains, eggs, red meat and dairy products, among others. Meanwhile, vitamin C helps prevent the hair look dehydrated or splitting. If you recognize that you were responsible to follow good eating habits, visit the nearest pharmacy and buy vitamins for hair which contain a large dose of vitamin B and antioxidants.

Brush Your Hair and Massage the Scalp

One of the oldest secrets to keep beautiful hair is brushing every morning and night as constant brushing promotes blood circulation to the scalp carrying blood to the hair follicle. When you go to untangle the strands brushing, ensure they are enmeshed first. Every time you wash your head, give a scalp massage with your fingertips, starting from the neck up to the front area of ​​your head.

Don’t Add Anything to Shampoo

For hair to grow faster, many remedies have been invented, from grinding to crush anti conceptive pills or onion plant leaves and adding them to shampoo. The reality is that nothing is applied to hair grows it because nothing is able to make contact with hair follicles. To ensure your hair is always well moisturized, this is achieved by applying a good conditioner each time you wash your hair and using a mask or intensive treatment once a month. Avoid any heat tools, the more you use the hand dryer, iron or tongs to create curls, the more you will expose your hair to mistreatment, burning hair tips making brittle.

Another enemy of hair is the sun, so protect your hair with a hat or a special product every time you expose yourself outdoors. Before getting any procedure at home, ask an expert how this process may affect your hair.

Avoid Chemicals

While less you expose your hair to dyes and coloring, healthier your hair will grow and you will not have to cut several inches of hair because of open and dry ends.

These tips about how to make hair grow faster will surely work if you remain consistent since getting long hair takes many months and even years depending on how short or long your hair is.

Do you want to have long, rich and very bright hair? The first thing to know is that most advertisements you see, there is no magic product that will change your hair overnight. You can follow ways to make your hair grow faster and healthier.

1 – Change Your Eating Habits

It is absolutely true that we are outside what we eat, and that includes how the hair looks. And we know that eating healthy all the time or strictly following a diet for beautiful hair is not easy, but at least, you should often eat the following foods;

Greek Yogurt

Not only it is proven that consuming this milk is excellent for reducing inches in the abdomen area, but it is also excellent for hair growth. According to scientific studies, the protein in Greek yogurt accelerates hair growth and produces more natural shine. It is recommended to eat one cup a day. You can also make homemade masks for hair of Greek yogurt, which is excellent for moisturizing and repairing split or broken ends.

Walnuts and Almonds

If from now on you begin to eat them as snack, be sure that your hair will grow faster. Walnuts are rich in zinc, a mineral important to strengthen hair and it also stimulates elastin which generates natural oils to produce shine in your hair, avoid hair splits, your hair do not go dry. Meanwhile, the high content of vitamin E in almonds generates natural oils and stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, making a healthier hair follicle that makes hair grow.


The popular character of Popeye was right, there is no better plant which can inject force in a human body than spinach. As for the hair, it is highly recommended for its high iron content, which is essential to strengthen hair. Iron deficiency is one of the most common causes of hair loss.

2 – Sleep Well

We all know that sleep is extremely important for overall health and fresh face, but few are aware that spending sleepless nights can affect the hair causing undesirable bags and dark spots around the eyes as well. To sleep eight hours every night ensures that your body rests enough to regulate levels of cortisol and melatonin, which influence hair growth. On the other hand, it decreases stress levels. Those who live under stress tend to lose more hair, and if the stress level is high, you can lose up to three-quarters of the hair.

3 – Say Yes To Coconut Oil

What was once a home remedy of grandmothers to soften the hair has now become the most popular natural treatment mask for hair growth, because scientists have proven that coconut oil is highly miraculous! It has even been confirmed that it is the only oil that penetrates the hair from root to tip. And a well moisturized strand allows the hair to grow stronger and do not split.

And you must have patience when you are applying ways to make your hair grow faster. There is nothing more frustrating to feel that your hair grows to a crawl or simply stop growing. But the reality is that your hair never stops growing, but it no longer does so with the same speed as it did before, and there are countless reasons such as from hormonal changes, the food you eat, what you apply to your hair and the season. For example, the hair tends to grow faster in summer, while in winter the hair growth slows down.


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