Child Restraint and Comfort in the Baby Capsules

Child Restraint and Comfort in the Baby Capsules

We must take into account when choosing a baby capsule is the restraint of our little one and also the comfort. The comfort of the little one should be understood as something that goes beyond, for example, if the child sweats or not in the baby capsule. And yes, that is a frequent problem that often distresses us as parents, which makes our baby nervous and that has as a solution to use the air conditioning in moderation and to make the additional stops in the driving, so that the baby can air from time to time.

But there are other parameters by which we should consider the comfort of the small, and that are related to his/her health in the medium and long term. If the baby travels being shrunken with chest compressed or head falls on shoulders, these positions will not help the baby in a correct development, and even some of them can be dangerous in the event of a collision.

Therefore, the position of the baby should be as natural as possible, but staying in place even when sleeping. You must know how to prevent the baby from falling to one side. If we put the baby child in the proper position in the baby capsule, it will be positive. And if the one we use has sides that hold the child’s head in place, it is better. In extreme cases, when everything fails and the child falls to sleep, we will have no choice but to make a stop, reposition the child in ideal position and then resume the travel.

The baby must always maintain a vehicle occupant position and it will help you understand that a car is not an extension of a playground but a means of transportation. As a vehicle occupant, you must travel with the belt passing through the center of the shoulder in the case of the elderly and with the harnesses of the chairs of group I in the case of children up to 18 kilos. If we accustom them from small to go under, but not pressed, older people will have no problem in using adult safety belts. We come to another point, which is that of the baby capsule measurement. A rooted custom is to measure the development of children hour after hour so that, to the smallest extent justified by millimeters or kilograms, the baby is moved to a higher-order child seat or a higher group. It is not a question of criticizing this practice, but it must always be taken into account that a child restraint system is a passive safety system of the vehicle, and it is intended to operate between certain levels. If the baby travels too loose, or on the contrary too much tightened, if necessary, the system may not work as expected by the manufacturer.


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