Discover The Fitness Equipment To Use At Home Or Gym!

Discover The Fitness Equipment To Use At Home Or Gym!

High Pulley

It is for dorsal, pectoral and arms. To use this machine, adjust the seat to the correct height. Sit with your legs propped up under the small pudding, flat feet on the ground. Grasp the bar with your hands apart and bring the bar back to your chest, inflating your chest and bringing your elbows back. It is the elbows that guide the movement downward.

When the bar is up and your arms are up, try to keep the shoulders low to maintain some stability in the shoulder joint an avoid having shoulders at the level of the ears. Keep your elbows even slightly bent even with your arms extended. The goal is not to stretch the arms as much as possible.

Ab Circle Pro

It is used to work the abs, but you may never had the opportunity to try this machine at a gym, as it is not a classic gym machine, but a gadget machine that is sold on the teleshopping shows. To use it, both knees should be placed in both circles and begin to swing from one side to the other. Well, you can find better alternatives to this one.

Ab Roller

It is surely used to work the abs, but only the front of the abs, the big right. When you really want to do crunches, it is one of the least useful abs exercise machines. To use Ab Roller, put your head on the cushion and start crunches.

Inclined Bench

Inclined Bench also aims to work for the abs by doing chest or leg. It has a little interest for the beginners. In general, the abdominal exercises that push the belly outward should be avoided, especially for women who have already had children.

Roman Chair

It targets the abs and hip flexors, but only by making the movement slowly. And it is likely that the arms and shoulders tire before the abs.

To use Roman Chair, keep knees bent to begin. Back pressed against the backrest, try to keep the shoulders low and chest forward without sinking down.


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