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Find 5 Components of Singapore Math Style & Their Effectiveness

Find 5 Components of Singapore Math Style & Their Effectiveness

Is it a nightmare at home when your child has math homework? Does your child not love the numbers and mathematical concepts? Unfortunately, in the curriculum of schools, mathematics is often the least popular subject. In fact, many students say that hate maths and it is not something they would choose to study if they had the choice.

What’s wrong with maths? The educationists consider it very important and say that it is not just a subject but a way of seeing the world, so why is this resistance? Why do so many children have the idea that math is boring and difficult? It is so because they have not discovered its usefulness. And because often the emphasis is on accuracy and not on exploration. In other words, creativity is zero and the students aim one hundred percent to go straight to the right answer.

There is a methodology to learn maths called Singapore Math which is changing attitudes towards mathematics in schools around the world. It is a program instituted in schools in Singapore by the Minister of Education in 1982. After 20 years, the results have been impressive. The TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) ranks Singapore students in fourth and eighth grades among the best in the world, which is high above students in the United States and other countries of America.

At home you can use elements of this program to change the experience of your child with math and ask the maths tutor to apply this methodology. You will have to consider the following;

The Singapore Math program falls into five components that develop problem solving skills and encourage mathematical thinking. These components are as follows;

1 – Concepts

The study of mathematics is not limited to see numbers as including geometry, algebra, statistics, probability and data analysis.

As children, they must learn to see all branches of mathematics as parts of a whole, and each part has to do with the other.

For example, solving the problem of how best to invest funds collected to buy a pizza for the group of third grade may involve algebra (write a statement identifying what we find), statistics (which is the most popular pizza and how it is above the second), data analysis (capture in a graph the results of a survey of pizza on costs and ingredients), probability (when asking what pizza is more convenient as the probability that delivered hot and on time) and geometry (how to divide the pizza to better utilize its surface and satisfy everyone).

To strengthen this type of mathematical thinking, it helps your child to play at home with materials of different sizes and colors, exploring the characteristics of geometric shapes and volume of containers. Blocks and plastic containers to store food may be useful.

2 – Skills

It is important that children have the ability to use formulas and follow procedures swiftly to reach the precise solution of any problem. An automatic knowledge of multiplication tables, for example, helps your child to apply his/her understanding of concepts.

It is also about knowing different tools to solve a problem. Using technology, calculators and measuring instruments (rulers, measuring cups, etc.) should make habit.

To strengthen this kind of thinking, you must practice a lot. Daily use of opportunities is recommended in the environment for your child to practice their agility with numbers, formulas and operations, and the use of tools. Shopping, visiting the bank and measuring objects and areas of the house can be good choices.

3 – Processes

Reasoning, communication, connections, heuristic strategies and the application of models are steps in the process of solving problems.

To strengthen this type of mathematical thinking, invite your child to consider a real situation (the design of a corner in your bedroom to their favorite toys, for example) in mathematical terms. To encourage this kind of thinking, usually talk to your child about the possible solutions to a problem, focusing more on the variety of ways in the process than the results.

4 – Attitude

One of the most important components that has brought success to Singapore Math style is safety with students. Exploration, experimentation and the mistake is allowed, inviting the child to know the concepts and apply them in their lives, integrating various disciplines to solve any problems.

This methodology canceled obsession with simple results and invites students to enjoy the whole process, achieving autonomy and using your creativity to reach the goal. Mathematics can be fun and engaging, giving your child a chance to show off the skills and take pride in skills.

5 – Metacognition

After solving the problem, it is important to ask your child, ‘How did you do it?’ Analyze the thought process that led to success, scoring the twists and turns and remembering


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