What are the Main Prospecting Techniques to Get Commercial Truck Insurance Clients?

What are the Main Prospecting Techniques to Get Commercial Truck Insurance Clients?

Internal Sweep

It is the in-depth review of all your records of old commercial truck insurance customers who stopped buying and of people who were interested but did not return. If you have a good customer management through a CRM, this will not be a problem, otherwise, to look for the post-it, notes, invoices, etc. any place where you can rescue these records to work them again.

Direct Prospecting

It is the most common and old form of sale in commercial truck insurance SMEs, but the most difficult, here we find the door-to-door sale. This survey is carried out in ‘cold’ and is based on defining a geographical zone to visit, fixed daily tours in which you move from point A i.e. colony, street, etc. to point B.

By Directories

It is done for the clients through the search of potential clients via general or specialized directories. Of course, here comes the Yellow Pages, but also through the internet you can access specialized directories. You can also access the directories of associations if you are a member of them. Do not forget the lists of attendees at fairs and exhibitions, as you can also use them in this type of prospecting for commercial truck insurance. The idea is to make a telephone sweep of the records that you consider potential.

By Press

Same as the previous technique, but here you rely on press advertisements and specialized or general magazines, those in which your potential clients may be announcing. There is also a telephone sweep to initiate contact with them.

Direct Promotions

This is done through conventions, fairs, exhibitions, demonstrations, modules, etc. Here you should focus on finding potential customers and making personal contact with them. You must attend all the events in which potential customers can go and make contact with them, and request their data to follow up later.

Professional Associations

You can look for associations and clubs in which your target market is a part. Search such associations to locate them and get someone who is already a member and simply approach to investigate how to get contacts.

By Referrals

This is the prospecting that I recommend most personally, as long as you have more elements that generate confidence in your potential commercial truck insurance customers, as you will have greater chances of successfully closing a sale. Therefore, devote a lot of time to people who can recommend and refer you. Search among your family, friends, colleagues, clients, former colleagues, bosses or jobs. Call them and ask them to recommend you with specific people or companies if they can make an appointment for you to pitch your commercial truck insurance services.


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