4 Important Furniture Items for Your Newly Born Baby

4 Important Furniture Items for Your Newly Born Baby

1 – Cradle

The crib is a must. Plan to sleep or not with your baby, there are times when you need your child to sleep alone. Think about how long you plan to use the crib before you choose. If you want the crib to be an investment, you can buy a convertible. Your child will be able to use it until he/she grows for using bed. Another option is the cribs that do not become a bed, but in which you can adjust the height of the mattress as the baby grows. If you have little space or need to travel, there are portable cribs too.

Once you decide what type of crib you need, look for the model and color that matches the decoration of the baby’s room. In general you will find the cribs in white, black, and different shades of wood color. Certain designer brands sell cribs of other colors, so if you are looking for something different, you will surely find it, but at a higher price.

2 – Rocking Chair

For sleepless nights with the baby, you will need a rocking chair. This furniture will be used enough, so make sure it is comfortable. Rocking chairs especially made for mothers are of better quality, but also tend to have a rather typical appearance. These rockers are difficult to implement in decorating once the baby grows. If you want a piece of furniture that you can also use in the living room or another part of the home, buy a single reclining and rocking sofa. You can buy an ottoman for the feet that matches the sofa.

3 – Closet

A closet is not absolutely necessary if you have another space to store clothes, blankets and other belongings of the baby, but it is quite practical to organize everything. Look for cupboards that have dividers in the drawers, since small clothes are lost quite easy. If you plan to hang clothes on hangers, look for a closet that has the necessary space.

4 – Bassinet

The first few weeks you will surely want to have your baby closer, so a bassinet is very practical item. You can spend enough money on a designer bassinet and beautiful details, but keep in mind that your baby will only use it for a short time. If you want to save, you can buy a simpler one that will fulfill the same functions.

Whether your baby is going to have his or her own room, going to share it with you or your siblings, it is important that you have certain furniture. A crib, a changing table and rocking chair are the most important elements that you will need to decorate the room of your baby. Other furniture such as a bookshelf or bassinet can be practical and make your life easier with a small baby, but they are not completely necessary.

1 – Toy Box

Your baby will not have many toys at birth, but he/she will accumulate them before you know it. If you want to keep your baby’s room tidy, invest in toy boxes and baskets. As your baby grows you will have a place to store everything. Look for the toy boxes that are soft, so that they do not hurt your baby when he/she is looking for something.

2 – Shelf

Another piece of furniture that is not necessary, but can help you decorate the baby’s room is a shelf. You will need a place to store all your baby’s books, and on a shelf, can be used as decoration. You can also use this piece of furniture to organize other things of your baby in baskets.

3 – Bassinet

Bassinet is a small basket and used when the baby is three to four month old. Although your crib or bassinet can be dressed in the most beautiful way when your baby is not inside, you should be careful with the mattress and bedding.

  • The mattress should be the appropriate size and fit well, leaving no gap with the sides of the bassinet.
  • The fabric should consist of a lightweight blanket or no blankets. To avoid cold, the fabric should be warm.
  • You should never use a pillow.
  • The bassinet has to be well lined to avoid splinters or loose fibers that can cause damage.

To ensure that you buy the best bassinet, try reading more and more bassinet reviews and then make a purchase. 

There are many more things you can collect to put in your baby’s room and the new parents just go crazy with their shopping for the newly born baby. I know you are extremely excited and want to bring the whole world to for you baby’s comfort and happiness. But try to curb yourself and make your expenses on the most necessary things in the beginning days of your baby.


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