All You Need To Know About DockATot

All You Need To Know About DockATot

DockATot is a co-sleeping solution that helps newborns in so many ways. The product is able to fit all toddlers without being uncomfortable. It gives them a reasonable space for safe movement.  The whole concept of DockATot depends on imitating the womb environment. Such mimicking will make the baby feel familiar in his new world. This can also help him adjust quickly to his new life. DockATot provides convenient transition for all babies.  The product comes in two different sizes to meet the needs of all babies out there. The main sizes are deluxe and grand. With both sizes, the co-sleeper is able to fulfill the needs of babies from 0-36 months.  The deluxe size is appropriate for the age range between 0-8 months. The grand size is more suitable for babies of 9-36 months.

Important Features of DockATot

It has many exceptional features that can put your mind at peace. It is able to help your baby make the most of his naps and sleeping hours. For example, babies are known for going through Startle Reflex, especially in the first couple of month. This reflex ends really quickly, yet it can severely disturb your baby’s sleeping. Most babies will not go back to sleep after the reflex. This is not something mothers will appreciate, especially in the middle of the night.  When you read a DockATot review, you will find out the all parents love this co-sleeper’s ability to stop the reflex. DockATot will keep your baby sleeping till he decides that he has enough rest.  Babies can be a bit naughty and roll over their mattresses. This is a pretty dangerous stunt. DockATot has you back in this, as its bumpers will keep the baby safe inside it.

How can DockATot’s breathability help your baby?

All parents in DockATot reviews keep taking about its outstanding breathability. You might not be familiar with this feature, but it is very important for your little one in so many ways. Breathability let air flow regularly, which reduces the risk of suffocation during sleep. We all know that babies love to roll and sleep on their sides or even tummies. If your baby is not sleeping on a breathable surface, he can be in serious danger. This can make a baby unable to breathe properly. This is not the case with DockATot. Your little one can sleep on his sides peacefully and breathe easily with DockATot underneath him.


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