Choose Your Wedding Dress According to Your Body Type

Choose Your Wedding Dress According to Your Body Type

Every women is different from others in height, weight and complexion. Some are short, heavy and others are tall and skinny. All have different body types and characteristics. So all women can’t wear the same type of dress to look elegant and attractive especially when it’s your wedding dress. One should wear according to their body types to look more decent and beautiful. Before going into the details of how to choose wedding dresses according to body type, I will tell the main body types and shapes women have. These are;

  • Pear
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Straight
  • Hourglass
  • Apple Shape

Pear Shape

Pear shape means that you are heavier from bottom half and have thin top. The dress should be to make prominent your upper half and hide your lower half to make your shape as balanced and attractive. A-Line dress best suits this type of body, as it is narrow from top and extends out as goes down. Prom and fairy-tail styles are also good for pear shaped bodies. Pear shape should not wear mermaid and trumpet styles and they draw more focus to your lower part of body.

Inverted Triangle

This shape has wide upper part and narrow hips and thighs. You should wear something that highlights your lower body and balance your shoulders. V-neck and U shaped necklines and strapless necklines are best choices. Necklines which have cut in armholes can shift other attention from your strong shoulders. Avoid big cuff and cap sleeves styles.


This body shape is often called rectangle shape. The waist of this body type is not clearly defined. Burst and hips are of equal size. The dress should emphasize your waist with a shape and gives it a good look.Sheath dress in a wispy charmeuse or ball gown that cinches your waist and extends to full floor skirt will best suits you. It will give your waist a curvy and defined look.


This is the ideal body shape. The bust and hips are of equal size with a defined waist. Also the legs are very in good shape. Only 8% women are blessed with this type of body. You have the perfect body, now you need a dress that highlights your curves. Body hugging mermaid and trumpet style will best suit you.

Apple Shape

These women have round hips with full bust also they have a prominent tummy. You have to hide your tummy so A-Line dress will do this for you. Stay away from spaghetti straps and from Basque styles, these will make you look bulky and overweight. A ball gown is also a good option as it will cover those parts that you need not to pay attention.

The selection of proper dress according to one’s body type is very important and necessary. One should first find out her body type so that she can decide which type of dress will best suit her. Marriages does not happen daily, so looking attractive and pretty is very natural and these are memorable moments. Selecting the right wedding dress is the best way to look more confident and stylish.

This is very important that you should choose the wedding dresses for body type that you have, so you are looking like a princess on your big day.


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