Is Steem Really A Good Platform To Earn Money Writing? Or it’s just another scam!

Is Steem Really A Good Platform To Earn Money Writing? Or it’s just another scam!

You can only earn on Steem for a week or two after posting content and not a single buck after- Is it Ture?

I stumble upon a comment on where few people mentioned a fact that after posting a blog post you only earn for 7 days and do not earn anything after this. Is that true?

If this is right I find it to be extremely disappointing. Primarily it is a selfish reason no doubt, I want earning money as well as it must be like a passive income. On Youtube you may have created many videos that can let you earn a money stream for life.

Another bigger concern is that it affects individuals’ behavior, and how much individual can invest in long form content as well as posts like documentaries and how much the content is original and dedicated created for Steem platform versus reloading these on Youtube in the form of video, they have already made.

Documentary maker on YouTube can invest a lot of time may be days, weeks or months even and earn money to create a video base documentary as once they made it, it will let them earn a passive income on YouTube forever.

Suppose if individuals who make movies can only earn money amid of box office weekend and they never got any single penny once movie is got old. There are lots of great films that may or may not have done very well at theater however became cult as classics in future.

The point is, I think platform may ideal for the individual who make unique, useful and attractive content. Not the individual who keep reposting the content which they copied from any other platform. It is something which I see on VidMe, as you cannot really earn a good amount of money.

Another factor that I see happening and watch most if not all the people mention is well you can easily repost any content you have already created in a kind of compilation or mashup. Speaking honestly if I can follow anyone regularly I have seen their content before, only because they have combine three or four videos, it is still the content that I have already seen. So this means if there is any controversy in payment methods of, then it might affect the quality of content.


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