New Garage Door as an Easy Home Improvement Project

New Garage Door as an Easy Home Improvement Project

If your garage door feels like it has put on a few pounds when you try to lift it yourself or you think you can actually hear your automatic opener groaning, it may be time for an affordable home improvement that fits your skills and budget.

Check your garage door springs to see if there is a bar that passes through them right above the door. If you see one then it is time to call a professional installer because it will require precision tools and expertise to achieve the exact door lift.

However, depending on the make of the garage door, if the springs draw out from a bracket on the ceiling to each side of the door you can spring into action with a new home improvement project.

1.  Open and Secure the Garage Door

Use the buddy system to lift the door all the way up so the bottom is past the door header. Clamp vice grips to the door track at the bottom section of the garage door. A sound secondary precaution is to place a step ladder under the door. You definitely do not want the heavy door crashing into the floor or crushing your enthusiasm.

The extension spring’s size is determined by color code. Find the broken spring and check the end for the color. You can procure the proper replacement springs from a supplier by reporting the color of your springs.

2.  Remove the Defective Spring

Even though you will be replacing both springs you should leave the good one in place as a visual reference. Find the 3-hole adjusting clip at the front of the top track. The cable is tied to this spot and you will notice it is connected to the track with an S-hook. Undo the S-hook and release the cable from the clip. Look for the safety cable that runs through the spring and unhook it from the hangar bracket.

Take a moment to decide if you have an open or closed ended spring. You may need a pair of heavy duty wrenches to remove the sheave pulley. Now you can unhook the spring from the rear hangar bracket.

3.  Out with the Old – In with the New

Attach the spring on the bracket for the rear hangar. Hook the sheave pulley onto the front end of the spring. Look over at the good spring and use it as a guide. Run the door cable through the pulley and tie it to the cable clip. Try to take advantage of the pliable cable to tie it right where the previous bends are positioned. Now you can attach the S-hook to the cable clip.

Grab and pull the cable toward the front of the garage door. Keep pulling until you feel a slight tension on the spring. Use your other hand to attach the other end of the S-hook into the adjusting hole that is closest on the track. Now you or your partner can thread the safety cable through the middle of the spring and then attach it to the back hangar.

Simply repeat the entire process for the other spring. When you are done hold up the bottom portion while you take the vice grips off the track. Lower and raise the door to ensure the proper amount of tension on the springs. Your home improvement success probably saved you enough to spring for a celebratory supper. For more ideas about home improvement, visit Omni Home Ideas on Facebook.


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