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The Advantages and Disadvantages of HID Headlights

The Advantages and Disadvantages of HID Headlights

HID headlights have so many pros associated with them. Let’s take a look them.

  • Increased visibility, we have already talked about this. Do we need to add more? Yes, why do HID lights provide you with better visibility? For starters, it is because of the glow, which is much brighter than the one observed with halogen bulbs. In general, the brightness should be at least three times more, and with quality, HID lights, it can be several times higher. Moreover, the beam of light produced is also wider and illuminates the side areas as well.
  • This one is fairly obvious. HID headlights ensure more safety because of brighter light and better visibility.
  • HID headlights do require a high voltage of operation, but overall, these lights consume less power than the standard halogen headlights.
  • Durability is another reason why we are a great fan of HID headlights. They are resistant to wear and tear, and you can use them for over 10 years.

And are there any cons?

With every good thing, there is always some bad associated, and so is the case with HID headlights.

  • While the bright glow of an HID headlight may serve you well while driving, it may not be the same for other people. When looked directly with the eye, HID headlights appear to be glaring, which can be irritating. Stare at the glare too long, and you may actually suffer from disturbed vision or other sight problems. As such, we advise you to avoid looking directly at the headlights.
  • We have already told you about the advantages. Now here’s the bad part. There is a high price tag associated with them. But you know what? The price is actually worth it, and you are not going to be disappointed with them, especially when you drive at night.

It is good if you have finally made up your mind. When you step out in the market to buy them, we will like you to keep a few things in mind to make it easier for you to decide a suitable product for your car.

  • HID headlights are available in different sizes that include H1, H3, 9004, 9007, D1S and D2S. Whichever of these you opt for, it should be compatible with your vehicle.
  • HID conversion kits exist in four main types: single beam, bi xenon, hi-lo beam, and telescope. Each of these operate on slightly different procedures and are available at varying rates.
  • HID headlights are available in colors that range from the yellow end of the spectrum right till the bluish end. These colors are produced due to different operating temperatures. Look at the image below; it depicts the color corresponding to a certain temperature range.

While using, there are some precautions to be followed mentioned below;

  • Avoid turning off your headlights right after you have turned them on and vice versa.
  • Do not touch the headlights while they are on or right after use.

So switch to HID headlights today, and make night time driving really easy. We promise you limited visibility is not going to be a problem anymore.

Do you fear driving on the roads at night? We know so many people who will actually answer that with a resounding yes. Are you among such people? Why do people find night time driving to be so difficult and avoid it so much? Mostly, the answers we hear are because it is dark and the visibility is low to the point where it is hard to see the road. Some others do not mind visibility on empty roads, but they do have problems with it when there is too much traffic. One or two even told us that they were driving on the roads, and everything was okay until their headlights died. They were left in complete darkness, and that was the last time they drove at night.

For all these people, whatever the reasons that you may have for not driving at night, there is actually just one main reason – your car’s headlights. Your car headlights are improper because of which they do not produce enough light and you have to bear with reduced visibility. Inefficient headlights are the ones that abruptly turn off and refuse to turn on in the middle of the road on the darkest of nights.

Is there a solution? Can you put an end to night time driving fear? HID is the answer. The standard headlights in your car are usually halogen that are neither reliable enough nor bright enough. If you replace them with HID, all your problems will be solved.

Have you ever heard of HID before? Ever seen those whitish, blue lights on a car? Those are HID headlights. If you look at them directly, they might irritate your eyes, but look at the road in front of them and it will be lit up so well, providing you with increased brightness and just the perfect visibility. As for durability, HID headlights are known to have extensive life spans and should last quite a long time.

We have already mentioned that standard car headlights use halogen to give out the light. In HID bulbs, light is produced using different technology and substances. HID bulbs are filled with xenon gas, and contain metal halide salts along with mercury. Within the bulb, an arc is also present, which ignites the xenon gas. This is what causes these bulbs to glow so brightly. Now here’s the problem, the arc requires a high voltage for operation. From where do you get this? This is where HID conversion kits step into the picture. These kits contain a ballast which will amplify and produce the voltage that HID technology requires. Once you install the HID conversion kit, the headlights of your vehicle should produce bright, white glow.


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