Utility Pole Replacement by Sullivan Electric Company

Utility Pole Replacement by Sullivan Electric Company

South Jersey residents need a trained and experienced South Jersey electrician to work on their buildings and equipments. This is because commercial and industrial businesses have already discovered that most electricians are not efficiently and adequately trained to work with their specialized equipments. It’s dangerous and disastrous to hire someone who is not properly trained to work on your building or equipment.

Sullivan Electric is the best Company you can count on to meet and deliver all your needs efficiently. It deals with not only big industrial and commercial electrical problems but also standard residential problems. 

Firstly, parking lot lights in South Jersey is one of the jobs many businesses need to take care of. When it comes to parking lot repair, it requires a boom truck to reach the top of the poles, check ballast and take care of other repair work. It can take several days and sometimes weeks before the problem is solved if an electrical company do not have one of these trucks in their fleet. What you really need is a company with the necessary equipment to fix the lights immediately. A dark parking area is dangerous for employees and customers. It leaves a business at risk of an employee getting an injury. The customers are also not impressed with a dark parking lot and this will make them keep driving.  The business can also appear closed if the parking lot is dark thus losing revenue.

Secondly, utility pole replacement also requires the right equipment. South Jersey homes and business owners that have utility poles on their property are required to be responsible for the upkeep of these poles. When these poles either get damaged, weathered or fall down because of one reason or another, it’s the property owner who is required to ensure that the pole is replaced. Utility pole replacement requires the right and efficient equipment to set these poles and also connecting it to its different utilities. Data lines, electric lines and phone lines are also required to be removed from the old pole and reinstalled on the new pole.

Sullivan Electrical Company is also equipped and trained to solve underground problems. Sometimes, the electric problem is not with the pole or the electric panel. It can buried underground where the wiring leads from a pole to a structure. It can be time consuming and labor intensive to find where the problem is if the Company doesn’t have the right equipment. It is very important to take of any electrical problem as soon as it occurs so as to resume all business activities immediately. If the problem in a commercial or industrial situation is different from the typical residential problem, you need a South Jersey electrician who knows the codes and diagrams associated with industrial and commercial equipment.

South Jersey residents can count on Sullivan Electric Company to take care of all their electrical problems, their utility poles and repair their parking lot lights.  You can contact us today and schedule your repairs. Visit Sullivan Electric Company to know more details.


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