3 Essential Steps to Ensure 100% Maintenance of Log House

3 Essential Steps to Ensure 100% Maintenance of Log House

There are 3 major steps towards maintaining of your log house and these should be taken to make sure that the house lasts for a much longer period than the usual as the work of maintenance helps keeping its beauty in good shape and condition. Though every type of house needs maintenance, but when it comes to a log house, it becomes even more important. The process of upkeep and repairing of damages might be a little bit complicated, but you can make it simpler by taking three simple steps which are as follows;

Step 1: Annual House Inspection

Annual inspection of the house is really important. Every year you must spare some time for proper inspection as this will help you figure out how much work you need to do to keep your place in good condition. From foundation to the roof, everything must be examined and during inspection, make sure to find out all the traces of damages to the overall structure of the building. You must make sure that walls, as well as ceiling of the building, are in perfect condition.

Step 2: Refinishing and Sealing

The second important step is to have refinishing and sealing of logs as this is strongly suggested by the manufacturers that the process must be done at least once in a couple of years or if you can do this every year, this will be even greater. Remember that refinishing of logs ensures that the beauty and attraction of the home remains perfect as long as possible and it also removes out all the dirt or debris which keeps the entire area clean.

Step 3: Day-to-Day Repairing Works

The third step is repairing of damaged parts of the house, and in this step, you have to check out everything which needs repairing. For repairing, you will not wait for an entire year, but it is actually day-to-day process. When you find something damaged, it must be repaired before it becomes a bigger problem and if you follow this advice, at the end of the year, you will not have lots of work to do. Repairing things on regular basis will greatly minimize work when you will inspect at the end of year.

Final Words

These three steps make sure that you have a comfortable and problem fee life in your wood cabin near wood or a lakeside. You can also visit this resource page of Restore Log where you will have access to information stuff on log house problems, maintenance, and restoration.


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