What are the Best Restaurants in the World?

What are the Best Restaurants in the World?

There are those restaurants that you go, try, pay and never go come back to them. Then there are also those restaurants with which you are satisfied and happy, and you include them to your list of favorites. Those are the restaurants you will return to again and again because you feel that what you are getting in food, drink and atmosphere is worth every time. That’s the kind of restaurant I will recommend here in different parts of the world.

Ms. Martinez

This Michelle Bernstein restaurant, a famous Miami chef, is open on Fridays and Saturdays until 1am. They have very good food and it is in a safe and chic neighborhood of Miami, the Design District. If you are in these neighborhoods, do not think much about trying it.

Fiesta Gourment Restaurant in Chiclayo

It is one of the most exclusive restaurants in the north of the country. It has a great variety of dishes of incredible flavor and many of them are fusion dishes. The most requested are rice with duck, special sauces and many more. You can find many typical northern dishes in this one. It is considered one of the most prestigious restaurants in the area.

Rusty Pelican

This restaurant probably has one of the best views in Miami. For the New Year offers, there are several options, and the first is dinner on the terrace that sits on the Bahia with price of $200 per person and includes five dishes and a bottle of champagne. A quartet of guitars will liven up the evening. The second option is a table inside for $175 per person. The third possibility is an old-fashioned gala evening that includes up to the costume and costs $275 per person.

De Rodriguez Cuba

Set on the corner of South Beach, it is perfectly situated to watch Miami Bach’s fireworks. This restaurant offers open bar, DJ and a champagne toast at midnight.

Qasr Al Sultan

It is one of the latest tourist points in Dubai which is turning out to be Dubai’s major attraction. Qasr Al Sultan is an epitome of the combination of luxury with nature as well as the core culture of Arab, which makes it one of the best restaurants Dubai. This restaurant is truly enthused by the Sultan’s way of life. At Qasr Al Sultan, you will have your evening in a palace with true Arabic hospitality. Here you will have an exceptional culinary experience.


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